Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Near Death Experiences

I was asked about Near Death Experiences and their interface with conversion.  Here's my take:
The advantage is that they know there is a continuation of life after the death of the body.  However, whether they use that knowledge to advance in light and truth or not is individually determined.
Some have used NDE's to become guru's and sell books or give talks.  That may detract from getting more light and truth.  The thing about growing in light and truth is that it is always directly connected with the humility of the person.  Humility or openness to new ideas and greater understanding is required to move from wherever you may be at present to a position of greater truth.  It is that openness to new ideas which is indispensable to gaining knowledge of God.
Closed minds, particularly those that may grow out of religious experiences or beliefs, are not benefited by what great things God has to offer in the continuing education of His children.  Joseph Smith once commented that it will be "a great while after we have left this life before we will have learned" enough to be saved.  It is not all to be understood in this life. 
Openness to ideas and further instruction is necessary to continue in the path of truth and light.  A NDE may open one's eyes to some truths,  But the fullness of what is to be taught or gained from God is not given in a single experience or in a brief tutelage from missionaries.  It is a lifelong quest.


  1. I've always been fascinated w NDEs.
    I think a lot LDS folks think progression to the Celestial Kingdom will be immediate. I don't see it that way. Even a humble pure minded LDS person is akin to grade schooler here but upon leaving this life has to progress to a PHD Level before entering Celestial Glory. Also, the Non LDS NDEs who have met the Savior (and some have), and changed their lives for the better testying of Him upon their arrival back here on earth, should be more teachable in Paradise, insomuch that they do not claim that "it's their way or the highway".

    Yes, and sadly even some LDS NDErs have morphed themselves into Gurus. They were given enhanced Gifts after coming back and start prostiting these God given Gifts-for money,which is sad.

    I think the best thing one can do in the 2nd Estate is to seek company w Savior, no matter how long it takes. Even if it doesn't happen in this Estate, you have nothing to lose in persuing this course, and I'm sure in the next Estate it will be revealed to you-on why He never showed His face in motality-as a matter of fact it will have to be by the time of one's ressurection.

    Politely backhand me if I'm all wet here, Mr. Snuffer.

  2. I know many people whom have had an NDE, and the common theme among them is that they begin to search around here in mortality for the things that they have seen on the other side. So many become disenchanted with the Church or the level of doctrines available here.

    The problem lies in the fact that the Gospel is the foundation for receiving the greater things that they may have witnessed on the other side.

    And many believe that because they have seen Jesus Christ on the other side and have witnessed many great and wonderful things, that they do not have to seek after further progression. Thus many become lifted up in pride, believing that the spiritual gifts and the experiences that they received demonstrate that their progression is finished and they need not seek any further truth.

    Yet, Joseph Smith stated that there is a difference between seeing Jesus Christ and hearing the voice bearing record that they are sealed up unto Eternal life.

    So the question arises: Many NDE'ers indicate that they have a continual relationship with Jesus Christ after their experience, doesn't that mean that they have received the Second Comforter?

    Not exactly. Again: there is a difference between seeing Jesus Christ and seeing the Savior Jesus Christ. On the one hand, the person sees Jesus Christ as He would appear without His full glory. On the other, the individual has received the Savior as their personal Savior in His glory, being sanctified by Him as to be able to survive His glory while in the flesh. Also, they are given to hear the voice bearing record that they are sanctified of Him who is without spot, and thus are sealed up unto Eternal life.

    Therefore, NDE'ers like everyone else need to work at progressing towards being sealed up to Eternal life.

    Laman and Lemuel had a spiritual experience of seeing an angel, but that didn't save them. It is by the grace of God after all we can do that we are saved.

  3. Cha Ching. Christine hits one out of the park, again.


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