Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dumbing down?

I had a friend suggest to me that the Lord was requiring the church to "dumb down" the curriculum. I absolutely reject that idea. It's just preposterous. The Lord always offers light and truth to any who come to Him. It is men who turn away from what is offered.


  1. I agree with what Hugh Nibley said on this subject:

    “Apostasy never came by renouncing the gospel but always by corrupting it. No one renounces it today, and so we have the strange paradox of people stoutly proclaiming beliefs and ideals that they have no intention of putting into practice. … We seek knowledge as our greatest treasure, while the poverty of most of our manuals and handbooks defies description.” – Hugh Nibley, “One Eternal Round,” CWHN 12:395:96


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