Monday, March 22, 2010

The importance of personal revelation

In Section 19 the Lord explains what the words "endless torment" and "eternal damnation" mean.  They are words of art, and are essentially proper nouns referring to God's punishment.  (See D&C 19: 4-12.)
This is an enormous help in understanding the scriptures generally. Words are chosen carefully, and the Lord is deliberate in how He puts a message across.  Things may not mean what we initially think they mean.
The scriptures are designed to reveal and conceal.  They are able to reveal even very hidden and mysterious things to the understanding of mankind when we understand what is being discussed.  Until the reader has been prepared for this understanding, reading the messages will not necessarily result in greater insight.
It is almost as if you have to know the answer first, or have it revealed to you.  Then, while in possession of the truth, you can see that prophets and seers have been speaking about these matters since the beginning of time.
How often do we reflect on Christ's "opening the scriptures" to His followers?  This is something that ought to make us all think about how little understanding we obtain without first receiving light and truth from Him.  Once again it points to the absolute necessity of personal revelation.

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