Friday, March 26, 2010

Have you heard Christ sing?

I had the following article brought to my attention:
It is my view that Christ's Sermon on the Mount was actually a hymn.  It was announced as a form of "new law" or higher path.  Those to whom He addressed it would have readily recognized the propriety of it being sung, as the article above reflects.
I was then asked if I had heard Christ sing.  I replied, "We all have, but only a few can now remember it."


  1. Interesting that we've been asked to NOT sing our testimonies during Fast/Testimony meeting.

  2. Hey, this is really interesting. I love to sing and would love to hear those words sung! I am new to your website and am soon to read your book with my wife. "The Second Comforter". I am told it is of import to my family. Thank you, Justin T. Smith

  3. I'm reading The Psalms of David right now. I find it interesting he loved to sing and dance..Interesting, to say the least. Sometimes when I think of a beautiful Spiritual song upon waking in the morning while lying in bed I feel the Spirit from head to toe rush thru my body. Maybe I'm the only one, I dunno, but it is beautiful to me-nonetheless.

  4. I wonder what the Sermon on The Mount would sound like in song. I'd be VERY curious. Is there any example of such singing online? I followed a few links from the linked webpage and found a few youtube clips of some parts of Genesis in song. Very interesting. Anyone know of more examples?


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