Thursday, February 25, 2010

Increasing Light

Teaching is marred by the ineptitude of teachers.  It does not matter how complex a subject being taught is, a good teacher will make is both simple and enjoyable to learn.  When a subject becomes difficult to understand, more often than not it is because the teacher does not understand the subject well enough to make it simple.
For the Gospel, teaching is a matter of increasing light in the one learning.  To do that the student must learn how to improve their obedience to true principles.  Only someone's obedience to truth will lead them to greater truth.  The teacher's obedience cannot and does not benefit the student of the gospel if the student is unwilling to receive greater light and truth by obedience.
The necessary obedience is not obedience to a man, or men, or a set of rules devised by men.  It is not even obedience to a rigid set of commandments. Obedience and fidelity must be directed to the Lord.  No matter how well someone may teach for doctrine the commandments of men, those who hear will never gain more than a form of godliness, without any power.
We all must progress in the same way Christ did.  He grew from grace to grace, until as last He was called the Son of God.  He had the fullness of grace and truth. Read John's testimony again found in the beginning of D&C 93. Pay attention to the first verse of Section 93, because it is the summary of what John's testimony will include.

The teachings are real.  Increasing light is real.  But each must gain it in the very same way as Christ and all those who have followed Him gained it.

A good teacher will always work himself out of a job by teaching how to find light without him.  A bad teacher will call attention to himself, and try to make others dependent upon him.  The worst teachers are those who want to control those who will listen to them and to dictate what they do, what they think, and how they must follow.  Christ, and the light He brings, liberates, making each person an agent for themselves.  Satan's plan is to put us into bondage, controlling us and making us fear.


  1. "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
    - Albert Einstein

    Thanks for the great post.

  2. Then I find myself being the exception. I, for example, was an EQ teacher for a time. I was a terrible teacher (although I did pull off a few decent lessons). It wasn't because I didn't understand the subject. A great deal of the problem was the fact I later found out I'm a high functioning Asperger's syndrome sufferer. Sometimes it is very difficult properly leading a verbal discussion (even in normal social situations). The apathy of the class didn't help either.

  3. I'd say it is what is in the heart of both the teacher and those being taught.

    My daughter is severely disabled. She cannot walk or speak. Yet, she communicates with her mother and I just fine!

    You don't have to be able to speak to teach. You don't have to be able to hear or see to learn from someone.

    The Spirit carries the meaning into the heart of the listener. THAT is what teaches. THAT is what converts!

    It has absolutely nothing to do with one's ability or inability to articulate words. If anything, words confuse and get in the way.

    I'm sure Denver would agree. His books and his words are of little value without the confirming witness of the Spirit in the heart of the reader (something Denver cannot provide for the reader).


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