Thursday, June 3, 2010

"For these are they who are of Paul, and of Apollos, and of Cephas"

It has become very clear to me that there is an intangible and almost inexpressible difference between truth and error.
Satan quotes scripture to make a point in an argument with Christ, showing how he wants to justify his ends by resorting to scriptural/true principles.  (Matt. 4: 6.)
The accusations brought against Abinadi were scripture-based.  (Mosiah 12: 19-24.)  So were those brought against many others, including Christ.  Indeed, the most frequent accusation against Christ related to the commandment to "keep the Sabbath day holy" and Him healing on the Sabbath.
I can see how people are almost completely taken in by the use of scriptural arguments or scriptural language, when they have never encountered the Holy Spirit, not received light and truth from God, and have not accepted guidance from a higher source.
Those who have light, and who use what light they have to accept more light, are going to find their way.  Those who do not, and therefore, cannot have their path illuminated by a higher source, will be lost.  They will be unable to distinguish between truth and error.  Indeed, they will call good bad, and believe the truth to be a lie.  It is inevitable.

This is why no man can be the guide for another.  Everyone must stand on their own, acquire their own oil for their lamp, and stop leaning upon others to lead them.

I do not see that happening in any great numbers.  Instead, I see fools loudly and stupidly proclaiming that it is always guaranteed safe to be led by men as long as you are careful about the men you follow.

No man will save you.  No not one.  You either follow them into the telestial kingdom in wherein you presently reside, or you figure out how to get out of here.  (D&C 76: 98-101.)  Notice that these people followed TRUE or authentic messengers, yet they remain captured in a telestial existence for worlds without end.
They receive not the testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophecy.
I see benighted arguments couched in the language of scripture all the time.  The clarity with which I can detect the errors made is not because I am smarter than other people. I am not. I can see clearly the difference between truth and error by the light given to me.  I can't give that to you.  Only you can acquire it.  I can tell you how to acquire it.  But in the end, you alone will either follow the pattern and obtain the results, or continue to live in the dark.


  1. Reminds me of a common practice used in various fraudulent activities, especially in this area. A scripture was quoted; then, without segue, the mark is admonished to do something. The admonition has nothing to do with the scripture quoted, however, the mark is afraid to refrain, argue, or question it, because the admonition was "based on scripture." Even though they "feel awkward" about the situation...

  2. Wonderful post! Having the Holy Spirit as our guide to tell us the 'rest of the story', or the rest of the truth or doctrine, left out by even Prophets is absolutely vital.

    The Prophets only tell us part of what we need to know to achieve Exaltation, the Spirit tells us the rest, the fine print, which usually seems like foolishness & folly to others not receiving such truths.

    I agree, We must earn the Holy Spirit for ourselves so he can fill our lamp with oil so we can see which way to go & things as they really are. Not even Prophets can do this for us.

    And try as we might, we cannot share this kind of oil & give others the Spirit & such vision & understanding of unspoken truths. We must earn these things by righteous living & by keeping all the covenants we have ever made, especially our marriage covenants.

    For it always surprises me how quickly people lose the Spirit & become so easily decieved by the Adversary when they break their marriage covenants to their spouse, for any reason, justified or not. For when we choose to stop loving & being faithful to our spouse we lose the Spirit everytime. For the Spirit is just love, real love.

  3. I hear the statements, "That's not necessary for your salvation," or, "You're straining at gnats," or "You're looking beyond the mark," used to shut down some really good questions which are brought up during the Sunday meetings.

    Very significant points in this post... thank you.


  4. I hope I have not done or said something wrong in your blog Denver. If so, I apologize.

  5. In them ye think ye have eternal life and they are they which testify of me!

    I recall my mission president expounding on this... the scriptures are a means to an end, not the ultimate.

    Gosh, it feels like some interesting (spooky) times are coming to the Church.

  6. I've actually heard people urge others to follow their leaders, even if they lead them to hell! Why? "Because you'll be able to leave," was the reply.

    I was like, "HUH?" (One of those 'this church is whacked' moments.)

  7. DKD: ...not to worry... I'm getting stuff "off the blog" and responding to them here. Some are comments which are "not for posting" and they don't go up, but I put a post up reflecting their input. So I'm not always commenting on something which appears here.

    That having been said, look at the one earlier today about "Why Stand we in Jeopardy Ever Hour" and you'll see that there are reasons why every one of us should continually be reminded to consider deeply the Gospel and our thoughts and behavior.

  8. "...and some of Thomas S. and some of Denver and some of Joseph..."

    It's very possible that this post was for me. I am certain that Heavenly Father has a sense of humor as he watches us, like puppies chasing our own tails, and excitedly running to anyone that hollers, "Here boy!" The challenge is listening for and staying loyal to the True Master's voice. Obviously, I have a lot to learn here.

    Even though I've never thought the true messengers were the end-all, I will admit that I often seek personal acknowledgment, which could be considered the praise of man. Perhaps any messengers along the way are meant to be mostly "hands off," so that the culmination of the audience with the Lord will be all the more special.

    Anyway, your rebuke is well-taken (consider it a whack with a rolled up newspaper) It gives me more determination to set my sights on the Master.


  9. I'm a personal acknowledgeable seeker as well, Doug. It has made me shrink when I should have stood on very many occasion. Though it has also made me a deep seeker of the Lord's light and approval.

    I know I will eventually purify out the need to please other men, or seek for their attentions and rather stand in light and truth. It is a processes. A scary one, but one I know I will accomplish with Christ's mercy and grace for he knows the fears and intents of my weak human heart. He knows my trauma he knows my need for validation and love and He will be kind to me as I seek to be kind but stand in truth with Him.

  10. Most of what we believe are insurmountable character flaws are actually "gifts" of weakness given to us to keep us humble and penitent. When we grovel about with guilt and shame, the Lord views us with benign and non-condemning eyes. He urges us onward. He is in the middle of working to redeem us. He is instant with forgiveness, ever eager to invite us forward.

  11. I wish I could meet some of you people in person. I believe some of us would be good friends.

    Doug I loved your comment. Your last one especially resonated. To my own dismay I like JR also seem to seek that personal acknowledgment. Its like a drug that never really satisfies, always makes ya look to that next bit of acknowledgment or acceptance or validation.

    A friend of mine after witnessing me do something realted asked me "Were you just seeking acknowledgment and approval of men just then?" I admitted I had been. He then said in a stern yet friendly way: "lift up your right hand" (I did curiously) Then he said: "Ok now slap yourself silly with it, not too hard, but silly" It was VERY funny. It's a running joke now. I think a little fun or humor with our humanness on occasion is in order.

  12. As a musician there was a time when I stood in front of crowds who clapped their approval; as a young college student who knew what he wanted to accomplish and who earned high grades, I enjoyed scholarships and high approval of teachers, friends, and family; as a missionary I experienced similar acceptance by far surpassing typical productivity standards. However, a time came in my life when the spirit led me in directions that were foreign to those who had formerly made up my basic support system. I fell out of favor and was even held up as a poor example. This was done by the very people who had previously placed me on a pedestal.

    As I struggled to reconcile with two worlds, the first where I was secure in the praise and favor of man, and the second where I was treated like the red-headed stepchild, I learned an important lesson.

    Either you love and receive your approval from God, or you always remain dependent upon receiving it from man. You cannot always obtain approval from both sources. God is true and faithful always, man is fickle when you don't meet man's expectations. To follow the spirit and to walk your customized path in life, it may not be possible for you to please some who you've relied on in the past to support you.

    Validation, approval, acceptance, love and so forth are often suggested to be needed by each of us. This is both true and false. It is false that we need it from one another. While it is nice, it is not necessary if one is wholly grounded in their relationship with the Godhead. It's nice to receive a nod of approval from time to time from family, friends, and others, but is unnecessary if you live with God's continual approval. Sometimes you enjoy both, but don't get addicted or dependent upon both, because you won't always receive both. Become dependent upon God, His spirit, His approval, and His unconditional love.


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