Monday, June 21, 2010

Alma 13:30

Alma 13: 30: 

"And may the Lord grant unto you repentance, that ye may not bring down his wrath upon you, that ye may not be bound down by the chains of hell, that ye may not suffer the second death." 

Alma's closing remark here is a prayer. He is asking that the Lord "grant unto you repentance." This is an interesting cause-and-effect way to state the proposition. We cause it by our desire and willingness to become humble and repent. The Lord causes it because without His atoning sacrifice it could not be done.

We receive the effect because we are cleansed by our acts, humility and willingness to accept what is offered. The Lord receives the effect because He has allowed us to join Him in being pure and holy. He acquires a brother (or, more correctly a son). But He has no jealousy, allowing His brothers/sons to sit upon His own throne.  (Rev. 3: 21.)  He wants to have "all things in common" with us.

Alma's petition goes further to ask that the wrath of God not be poured out upon these people to whom he is preaching. There are, of course, two levels of wrath. One is temporal--here and now. The wicked are often punished here by letting them pursue their own evil course until it destroys them. Repentance in that sense relieves them of the physical, emotional, social, military, economic, and interpersonal disasters they bring upon themselves by their ruinous pursuit of destructive behavior.

The other is eternal--meaning coming after this life. That second "wrath" is a result of leaving this life with accountability for what happened here, and the lack of preparation for the moment when "judgment" is rendered. That "judgment" consists of you finally facing reality. When you are in His presence you can accurately measure the difference between what you are and what He wanted you to become--i.e., like Him. The gulf is so great that you would rather be in hell than in the presence of a just and holy being when you are stained with the blood and sins of your generation.  (Mormon 9: 4.)

I have been in the presence of President Ronald Reagan. I met with President Spencer W. Kimball at the law school at BYU when he would come to visit with his son, who was a criminal law professor there. I shook hands and spoke with Chief Justice Warren Burger for about a half hour in the law library at BYU. I have appeared at the US Supreme Court, the Utah Supreme Court, argued before Federal and State courts in Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Texas, California, Virginia, Washington DC, New York, Oregon, Nevada, Montana and New Mexico. I have seen Congress in session. Although a boy at the time, I was there when President Kennedy came to Berlin and spoke at Checkpoint Charlie, giving his "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" speech.  I have seen many other men who have shaped history. But there simply is no comparison between these mere children, these insubstantial and powerless creatures, and the holiness, power, majesty and glory of the one True Man, clothed in light. You may  see what the world reckons as a "great man" and think he was impressive. But you come from the presence of glory with only one conclusion:  Surely man is nothing, which I had never before supposed.  (Moses 1: 10.)

It is awful, fearful and dreadful to be in the presence of God. You realize the horror of your own darkness. (Gen. 15: 7-18.) You cry out with the realization that you are unclean, living your life among the unclean, and you are not ready for His presence. (Isa. 6: 5.) You are not prepared, and all your careful pretensions dissolve until you stand naked, revealed, hollow and unworthy to stand in His presence.

How, then, does a man stand in His presence? Through the merits and mercy and grace of this, our Lord. (2 Ne. 2: 8.) If your mouth is unclean, He will use an ordinance to cleanse your lips. (Isa. 6: 6-7.)  If you are covered by the blood and sins of your generation, He will cleanse them. (John 13: 5-13.)  If you cannot stand, He will raise you up with His own hand. (Daniel 10: 5-10.)  He is the God of mercy. Your discomfort is relieved by what He does, and this not of yourself, least you should boast. There is nothing in you from which to boast other than the merit and mercy and love and sacrifice given to you by Him.

How can He love so? It defies explanation. Words fail. You can search your lifetime through every word you have ever seen or heard - nothing comes close to being able to describe it. It cannot be spoken....  Too sacred for language to capture. Beyond our power.  So, you are left saying only: "Come, see."

How, then, can a man come to the judgment and not feel the wrath which they might have overcome by His grace and mercy? Through the merits of Him bestowing upon a man the power to stand in His presence.

Alma's pain at the thought of these people perishing was real. He was powerless to bring them to Christ. That power consists only in the authorized and truthful declaration of an invitation to come to Him.  But the choice remained in those who, having heard, must decide for themselves whether they will repent. They were free to choose iniquity and abominations. Alma was only able to invite.

The invitation, if rejected, will cause those who die to die yet again.  The way is broad which leads to such eternal deaths.  (D&C 132: 25.)


  1. No wonder Alma exclaimed, "O, that I were an angel!"

    Although, I already knew this truth, in a sense, the way you have worded the following made the concept of Christ's grace that much more real to me. Thank you, yet again.

    "How, then, can a man come to the judgment and not feel the wrath which they might have overcome by His grace and mercy? Through the merits of Him bestowing upon a man the power to stand in His presence."

  2. All of this is helping, Denver. Thank you. Please continue.

  3. It seems as though there are two inescapable facts for those who would experiment upon your words, Denver, and seek an audience with the Almighty:

    First, you will have a knowledge (and ultimately, a sure knowledge) of your uncleanliness and sinful state. You will know, through and through, just how unworthy a being you are.

    Second, despite the first, you are determined at all costs to continue repenting and seeking His forgiveness, comfort and presence. In other words, your faith leads to the ultimate act of cleansing: daily, sincere repentance through the atoning blood of Jesus christ.

    Is this encapsulated well enough?

  4. How awful, how terrifying, how wonderful. Thank you.

    Is this what King Lamoni, his wife, and his servants experienced? Is this also what Lamoni's father and his father's household experienced? These examples do not reflect either a to-do list of performances we must first observe, nor do they reflect the pattern and process referred to in the first book of Nephi. Is it sufficient to be willing to give up all one's sins, or did King Lamoni and his household already possess myriad traits which enabled a special occasion that we should not hope for? If after all we do we are still absolutely nothing before God and it is only through an extreme act of grace that we become clean, then can that grace be extended immediately to anyone?

  5. Heres the thought I have...
    In order to accept that grace we need experience written up our hearts so we KNOW that we CANT do it ourselves. Its taken me numerous years (I am 40) to really come to the ACCEPTANCE that surprises of surprises, I really cant do it on my own merits. I struggled with many vices and character faults to realize its not about ME.
    I know that in Heaven I did not believe I would NEED a Savior as Completely as I do.
    In summary, Its essential to know how much we need HIM, and its essential to know the VICTORY is HIS! Not any great act we do.
    I could go deeper but its not merited at this time.

  6. It is so hard to wait for those you love to "choose" Christ. After I went to the temple for the first time, it was such a joy to be there that I wanted all whom I knew to join me there just so they could feel what I had felt.
    The sad thing is, is that those who would not choose to be there would not feel the joy I felt. Once you choose to go to the temple and invite Christ into your life joy takes on a whole new meaning...



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