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The content of this blog presumes you are already familiar with Denver Snuffer's books. Careful explanations given in the books lay the foundation for what is contained here.  If you read this blog without having first read his books, then you assume responsibility for your own misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the writer's intent. Please do not presume to judge Mr. Snuffer's intentions if you have not first read his books.

Regarding comments - We do not vouch for any of the comments. They may or may not be doctrinally accurate. Comments posted by others do not reflect the author's views.  Mr. Snuffer's views are written in his posts and in his comments. Nothing else can or should be attributed to him in any way. We don't vouch for recommended reading materials or other source materials that are posted in the comment section of the blog. Comments don't have to agree with issues discussed on the blog. They just have to be civil.