Friday, April 23, 2010

Ultimate Source

I really appreciate my status as a lay member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I'm no-one who any of you should think important.  I'm just like you.  I offer my opinions and they are yours to consider as you try and sort out the challenges of this life.  The ultimate source for light, truth and salvation is the Lord.  Not me.  Not even an institution.  Not some other man.  You should be dependent upon the Lord for your knowledge and Him alone.  The Spirit brings you words from Him.

As you listen to any man speak, measure what he has to say against the standard found in the scriptures and against the whisperings of the Spirit to you.  Any man who tries to come between you and the Lord is seeking to make themselves an idol and they will lead you astray.  There is no-one who can stand between you and the Lord.  He alone is the keeper of the gate, and He does not now and never has employed a servant there.  (2 Ne. 9: 41.

You should obtain your own independent knowledge of everything another man tells you.  If you don't then you are surrendering what should never be surrendered: your own agency and responsibility.


  1. AMEN.
    I have seen the wisdom of putting no man or "thing" between the Lord and me.
    A little History...
    After my mission I loved the feeling of being a servant of the Lord, and wanted to have the same feeling of "helping" others. I went into psychology as a professional, and began what I realize now was a spiral down into trusting in the Arm of the Flesh. This only weakened me personally with various personal issues, and it made me both search for answers in Mans wisdom, and I also (whether I intended too or not) sought to counsel others.
    I was led out of this profession years ago, and I realize what a blessing this was(not saying every Social worker or Psych Professional is bad, just not right for me).
    In summary, Our Culture (LDS and General) has many other "Counselors" beside the Lord. None of them can replace the True Source of Light. They can help, but too often they become the (lesser) light.

    So AGain, Amen to what Denver said.

  2. Denver, would *you* say the way the Spirit testifies of Truth is when listening to a church leader, church member, a non member, or even an inspired politician, when these speak of an Eternal Principle or Truths and you have that overwhelming warmth hit your body from head to toe- that this is the Spirit testifying of a True Principle?

    Conversely, when the same speaker segues away from a True Principle and suddenly, you feel normal again..that this is in fact the Spirit being an internal barometer for each of us?

    Thoughts? anyone chime in please.

  3. Well at Brother Anonymous got 1 Amen from a Brother Taylor.



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