Saturday, April 24, 2010

Faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

I've been asked why I remain faithful if I think things are off track.  (That's an abbreviated way of stating a long question.)

I believe in the Book of Mormon.  Therefore I expect that the Latter-days will be filled with trouble, difficulties, and the church will be struggling with perplexities.  If we didn't have problems we wouldn't fit the pattern Nephi, Mormon and Moroni warned about.  So when I see problems I do not get anxious, I accept what is and deal with it.

I don't blame anyone.  We didn't get here by some single person's failings.  We have proceeded carefully, and with the best of intentions.  But we still have challenges.  That is part of being here in the Telestial Kingdom.

Doing a little good, conferring a little hope, and bringing a little light into the world each day is as much as a person can hope for.  I can do that.  I am grateful for the limited sphere inside of which I serve.  I fight on that small bit of ground and leave the bigger picture for those who are responsible for the bigger picture. 
I have a great deal of sympathy for those who are required to lead in this troubled world.  I doubt I could have done any better, and fear I may have done a lot worse.  So I temper any shortcomings I see with the recognition that things aren't as easy as we sometimes think they are.  I'm grateful for what I have been given and am content with life.


  1. Church being off track... hmmm...

    Would tithing fall under this topic? Specifically people who pay tithing while going through personal bankruptcy retaining their temple recommends? Are not their screwed creditors really paying their tithing?

    I've heard that those in debt will not be able to participate in the law of consecration... you can't consecrate what you do not own. Why not the same story with tithing? Shouldn't we be working to pay off our fellow-man ... being honest with our fellow-man?

    Seems there's a lot of screwing of people going on, but so long as it's by a tithe-payer, it's all good.

  2. In your book The Second Comforter, you said the Lord asked you to write it. I can see His wisdom in having a lay person share their personal experience with the path. He's used you for a good work! I think a lot of us reading about your experiences are excited He's done this, at the same time as being grateful that He does things through His church when we let him.


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