Tuesday, April 6, 2010

David Christensen YouTube

My friend David Christensen has done yet another video on YouTube.  He asked that I put it up on the blog.  Below is a link to it.

This is how David works to present a message he believes in to the world.  His talent and passion for this is undeniable.

The time is indeed far spent.


  1. Denver,

    I found this hymn # 129 1841


    Hymn 129

    1. The time is far spent—there is little remaining
    To publish glad tidings by sea and by land,
    Then hasten, ye heralds! go forward proclaiming,
    "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven's at hand."
    Shrink not from your duty, however unpleasant,
    But follow the Savior, your pattern and friend:
    Our little afflictions, though painful at present,
    Ere long, with the righteous, in glory will end.

    2. What though, if the favor of Ahman possessing,
    This world's bitter hate, you are called to endure;
    The angels are waiting to crown you with blessings,
    Go, brethren! be faithful, the promise is sure.
    All, all things are known to the mind of Jehovah;
    There's nothing concealed from his all-searching eye;
    Then, fear not! the hairs of your head are all numbered,
    And even the ravens, are heard when they cry.

    3. Be fixed in your purpose; for Satan will try you.
    The weight of your calling, he perfectly knows:
    Your path may be thorny, but Jesus is nigh you,
    His arm is sufficient, tho' demons oppose.
    Press on to the mark of eternal perfection,
    Determined to reap the celestial reward,
    That you may come forth in the first resurrection,
    And feast at the supper of Jesus the Lord.

  2. I forgot to add...this is hymn #266 is our current hymn book. What a gift Sister Snow was to the world.

  3. Denver,
    Thank you for posting this you tube video. It touched me deeply so I sent the link out to all my e-mail contacts. I hope they will forward it on. And thank you to your friend who put this presentation together for his time & passion.
    I'm new to your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed reading through it. I am appreciative of your time, thoughts, talents and insight.

  4. Wow. What a powerful, beautiful video.

    The video raises a important question. Will the U.S. (in any form)survive until the Second Coming of the Saviour? I recently heard a general authority (sorry I can't remember who) prophecy that the US would never fall before the 2nd coming.

    I am aware of two prophecies which might answer the question.

    1. D& C 87:6 where "a full end of all nations" is prophecied AND

    2. The so called "White Horse Procphecy", where the constitution hangs by a thread.

    The first is scripture. The second is a recollection recalled decades after it was heard.

    I believe the United States has no guarantee of survival as a nation based on the D&C 87 scripture.

    Any thoughts?

  5. Bravo for David. Excellent work and the message is right on!

  6. I am appreciative of Denver posting this video even though I didn't directly ask him to.

    I am not the sole creator, and I need to acknowlegde my friend, Bret Corbridge as the other half. Without him this video would not have been produced. Together, we both acknowledge Our Father, who inspired us both.. as we both love our Savior and seek to bring others to Him.

    Yes, as Denver says, the time is indeed far spent. May we all be inspired to do our individual part so collectively... the earth will not be wasted at His coming.

    I would love to hear some of the questions answered in the above comments. Thank you.

  7. I was David Christensen's ZL Mission Comp in the Brazil Fortaleza mission back in the late '80s. We was quite the artist then and still is looking at his videos. To the question about the US falling before the Second Coming, there is dualism in Section 87 and we will have a catastrophic second Civil War yet within the next 5-7 years (that is just my guess as to the time). That will be followed by a foreign invasion and troops on our soil in some kind of peace-keeping capacity. Before I found any of the following quotes, I found the Spirit whispering to me that this would be the case. For such a bold statement, I offer a perusal of my own blog:


    This was a letter from Nephi Packard to A. Milton Musser on July 24, 1896:

    "... My brother, Noah Packard, says that he heard the Prophet Joseph say that the next great (U.S. civil) war after the war of the rebellion (the Civil War of the 1860's between the North and the South) would commence in a little town now called Chicago but at that time it would have grown to be a very large city. And another brother told me that the Prophet said that the cause of the next great trouble of the United States would be the depreciation of the currency of the United States. I believe I have given you all the facts in as short and concise manner as possible."

    Another quote regarding the Civil War itself comes from an interview by Dr. Poulson with David Whitmer, printed in the Deseret News on Friday, August 16, 1878:

    Question: When will the temple be built in Independence?

    Answer: Right after the great tribulation is over

    Question: What do you mean by that?

    Answer: A civil war more bloody and cruel than the rebellion. It will be the smashing up of this nation, about which time the second great work has to be done, a work like Joseph did, and the translation of the sealed plates and peace all over.

    Hope this provides some impetus to some to follow the prophets' counsel to prepare.

  8. Nice production but I'm not a fan of this style of rhetoric. It comes off as propaganda, using a scare-tactic mentality and even self righteous. The message is important but the means to bring someone to Christ (as the video tries to do in the end) just doesn't work for me. I would like to see the producer use his exceptional talents to truly do something inspiring as opposed to just fancy editing. I saw another video that a reader had suggested (see link below). It carries a much greater spirit to help me come to Christ.


    I'm not wishing to be combative. I love that a group of sincere people come to this blog for greater insights and knowledge on important gospel matters. This group of people can make a difference from what we are being taught; and in that spirit I believe the producer can do a greater work.


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