Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Conference on Chiasmus

Yvonne Bent has been researching sacred geometry for over ten years. As  a result of her research, she submitted an art project that was displayed in the Church's 8th International Art contest at the LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City. A photo of her work was in the Ensign magazine, as well.
Added to her study of the Articles of Faith and sacred geometry, a milestone connection was made to demonstrate the same pattern as we see in the Hebrew literary style called chiasmus appearing in other fields and even in nature itself.

Yvonne Bent has organized a conference on May 15, 2010 at the Rose Wagner Auditorium in downtown Salt Lake City to have various presenters address conference attendees on the widespread sacred patternism, including chiasmus.  She invited me to speak, and I will be among those who will participate in the program. 
The conference will consist of lectures from persons who have discovered remarkable chiastic patterns in art, literature, architecture, science and math. In the evening there will be a concert to demonstrate the chiasm pattern in music.
I do not yet have the final information about the event, but thought I'd put this brief announcement on the blog for those who may be interested.


  1. James Ferrell, in his new Old Testament commentary, Hidden Christ offers a meaningful chiasmus p. 108.

    Namely, Adam and Eves were in the presence of God in a garden of trees, their transgression is followed by cherubim being placed to guard the way.., they receive instructions from the Lord, are clothed, cherubim are again placed to prevent an unauthorized return to Eden, they are driven Eastward, build an alter and sacrifice, then live in a world of sin.

    The elements are reversed in the tabernacle. Temple patrons live in a world of sin, offer a broken heart and contrite spirit to receive baptism, enter the temple from the east, pass into the Holy Place where cherubim guard the entrance, don special clothing before receiving instruction before passing by the menorah (tree-shaped), through the veil on which cherubim are embroidered, finally entering the Holy of Holies and the presence of God.

    In the temple we complete the second half of the chiasmus as we allow the gifts of the atonement to reverse the effects of the fall and return back to the presence of God.

  2. How did the conference go? I just read this today and see that I missed it my a day. I'm currently reading, "A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe: The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art and Science" by Michael S. Schneider. Will there be another conference in the future? Does Yvonne have a website or blog about the conference? Thanks so much,

  3. On May 5th there was a post on this blog announcing that the conference had been postponed and I would make a further announcement in the future. Right now materials intended for the conference are being gathered for publication. A further announcement will come on this blog as the information becomes available.


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