Friday, March 12, 2010

The Lord is in charge

I was asked if there was a day coming when men/women will be required to condemn those in the church whose conduct does not measure up.  I responded:
There is certainly a day of separation coming.  Angels are already begging to begin that process.  The Lord has told them "not yet" but promised them it will happen "by and by" as His preparations continue.

The Lord is in charge.  We needn't worry about how His purposes will all be fulfilled.  Patience with the larger picture is easier when we realize that for each of us the smaller, individual picture is what is important.  We have plenty to do individually to receive our invitation into the Church of the Firstborn.  As we do what is necessary to receive that invitation, then we will become more effective ministers of salvation for others.  Worrying about the salvation of all others before being saved ourselves is a needless thought.

The evil of this day is sufficient (Matt. 6: 34) because it really is enough to live well one day at a time.  Eternity will be composed of living well one day.  For God all is as one day.  (Alma 40: 8.) When we have done that, we are ready to receive eternity.  Until then, worrying about the larger and more chaotic picture of what is going on keeps us from changing the only environment over which we have any influence or control.  That is the environment of our hearts.

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