Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yesterday at lunch I heard a great line from the Maharaja:  "Reincarnation is only for the ignorant."  Made me laugh.


  1. Aren't we all ignorant?=)

  2. Eliza R. Snow supposedly said that Joseph Smith told her that reincarnation is true doctrine, but not in the way the world teaches it.

    The friend who told me this was profound and well-read Gospel scholar, but he has since died, and so I can't get the reference from him. He said that Eliza R. Snow didn't elaborate any further on what Joseph Smith meant, however.

    The Maharaja's comment is funny, but it might not be meant to be funny, but rather very sly. There is enormous evidence that reincarnation might be true.

    Any comments?

  3. Brother Snuffer. I know there are weightier matters than this, but this has been a subject I have struggled over a bit. It is hard for me to imagine eternal forward progression without considering the same idea in reverse. I do believe (although this is not an idea I share in most settings) that the idea of eternal live(s) seems to indicate that the spirit can inhabit more than one body in its eternal journey. Clearly Christ did this as did Adam, who I as I understand it, we are to pattern ourselves after. But how far back can we take this idea? Is man always a man? What about the elements of man? The sperm? The Atom (interesting word connection there)? We are taught that there is no life that does not contain a spirit? So is it possible that I was once a smaller life form? Can a fruit fly ever become anything beyond a fruit fly in its journeys throughout the eternities? Is that his eternal state? Will he ever graduate to bird as a caterpillar does to butterfly? I recently read something where you referred to the earth as a female spirit. Is there any application here? Or are there boundaries between creatures and men and progression within each?

    As I contemplate all of this I can't help but feel some measure of redemptive turbulence (to quote Elder Maxwell). I am forced to accept that if I am ever filled with the gift of Charity then these ideas will hopefully not be so scary for me. Like the idea that if I ever want to be like my Father in Heaven, I must do as I have seen my Father do, i.e. first be a Son. And the natural question that follows is whether this is a one time sacrifice, or if it would take place again and again - it surely seems that the idea of condescension applies at every level with this notion of eternal progress. Throne to altar to higher throne? Celestial realm to earthly realm (i.e Outer Darkness)and back again for all of God's children choosing to come here.... Is it possible that earth is like a great big Ground Hog's Day (referring to the movie) where if you don't get it right you end up back down here in the next eternity without having progressed? Have we lived as men before? Been resurrected to a greater glory only to condescend to a mission upon the earth, receiving a greater endowment each time? Was Peter who was foreordined to come to earth as Peter, one who had been tested mortally in other earth experiences? Similar to Adam who came as a resurrected being only becoming flesh as he partook of the forbidden tree?

    Forgive me for rambling on this my first comment. And please forgive me for pestering you with a question that is likely ancillary to the things of a greater importance. I have been striving to become a better follower of righteousness for some years now. I have my weak and disappointing moments but I have also become aware of greater things. I hope to be ready to someday. Thanks for your great efforts on this blog and with your books. I have bought them all and have read the first two. I hope to finish the rest in the next few weeks.


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