Monday, July 19, 2010

Temporary Blog Disarray

While my wife is at girl's camp for the next few days you may notice some temporary disarray in things here.  This is caused by my direct involvement in the blog, rather than hers.

The problems you witness as I take a direct hand will be less, I'm sure, than the domestic tragedies which will undoubtedly unfold in the absence of my wife.  Fortunately, I recognize my limits and will make use of Taco Bell, KFC and Arby's to avoid some of the perils I now face.

She has scheduled posts I wrote before her departure for the next few days, and they will come up in regular order.  I may add comments as well, but they will interrupt the discussion rather than continue it.

I'm hoping things will not deteriorate too far before her return.  And that I can keep the garden watered...  

The dog seems to recognize his life is temporarily in jeopardy.  But I think I have my son and remaining daughter fooled into thinking its going to work out.


  1. So funny. I had to go to girls camp when my boys were 4 & 6. They hadn't been away from me very much. I was so worried about Daddy "doing things right." Wouldn't you know that on the one day when we needed to drive down to semi-civilization and get something for a lantern, I used the payphone to call and check-in and they weren't home! I think the week was more miserable for me than for them!

    You're gonna do great Denver...and be nice to the dog :)

  2. Animals seem to somehow know these things don't they?
    Good luck to you. :)

  3. LOL!! I have the same problems when my wife goes to girls camp... including the depressed bulldogs. Meanwhile, our girls had camp back in June. I'm still alive. I did get to go to Mia Shalom again this year for an evening. Boy do they work hard and have a great time doing it! My wife sure chuckled as I read you blog to her.



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