Saturday, July 3, 2010


It's the Fourth (third, actually, but because we're in Utah it gets celebrated early so as to keep the Sabbath, or something).  Therefore my wife, in her wisdom has determined to only put up one post--I'm adding this as an aside.

I had a couple of off-blog comments addressed to me that haven't been put up.  But to make certain that the matter is clear to those involved:  Rest assured I take no offense at criticism.  It really isn't important if folks like, dislike or are otherwise disposed toward me.  Largely I'm irrelevant.  Some of the things I have to say are quite important, in my view.  But they derive their importance from the subject, not from me.

I probably deserve more personal criticism than I will ever receive.  Therefore I do not and have not taken any offense at anything said to me on or off the blog.  Do not trouble yourself for a moment at the idea that you've offended me; because you certainly haven't.

I'm a trial lawyer.  That means someone is hired (and paid quite well) to oppose everything I do, everything I write, and every argument I make as part of my daily work.  Criticism is always with me whenever I am working.  So to be criticized over ideas I present is no more offensive than to have a spirited argument in a case at work.  I have thick skin and a tolerance for being criticized.  Since I took no offense I don't feel the need to forgive, but nevertheless if forgiveness is wanted it is freely given.

One other thought:  I think there are a number of you that are really seeing the Book of Mormon in its true light.  That is joyful for me.  Such a treasure; so unused; so little understood.  To have it become treasured by some of you for the first time is truly a delight for me.  Thank you.


  1. I guess I'd say depends ... on whether you are prosecution or defense attorney ... a good defense attorney is hard to find.

  2. All of your blogs have made me want to dig for treasure. When I know that I can find a daily blog with new insights and new questions it pushes me forward and makes me want to do better....even when I don't really understand the subject and don't have the ability to analyze the way you and the other bloggers do. It is helping me stay committed. It is helpful to see all of the questions that can be asked from one little verse. When I read things on the blog I don't understand or agree with, I just put it on the shelf and I know that if it is important for me, I will understand it in the future. If it isn't important for me, it will drop out of my life. I am grateful that you take the time to share and that your wife supports you in your desire to share your talent with others. I recognize that without her help, it would be nigh unto impossible to keep up with this blog. Thanks to you both. Keep going!

  3. Denver,
    I am so grateful for the book of Mormon, and the further light and knowledge that you have assisted in adding is much appreciated. I feel like I am Just now waking up and seeing what I have been given.

    Also, I am grateful for wives that seem give us a Christlike example,and give us those nudges that keep us on course.

    Happy 3-4-5th!

  4. It occurred to me today that a false messenger will use flattery.... and "smooth" words etc to deliver their message message......a true messenger will speak the truth regardless of how it is perceived... it may even "offend" or seem unkind or harsh by those who receive the true message.


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