Monday, April 19, 2010

BYU Women's Rugby

The BYU women's rugby team forfeited the championship opportunity because of required competition play on Sunday.  An article was written about the event, which can be found at:
I applaud anyone who puts principle ahead of self.  Sacrifice is still required.


  1. What fine examples these young ladies are. The Sabbath is a gift from the Lord to all of us, and it's refreshing to find young women who understand and accept that gift.

    They will be remembered for their example long after the tournament. Thanks for making my day with this story!

  2. We had the coach's family stay with us. Here are my comments on the weekend. I would share them here directly but the system wouldn't accept that long a comment.’s_Cougar_Rugby.html

  3. Denver, I love your posts. The last sentence in this post is very profound and I find myself thinking "sermons" about it in my head. Thank you.


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