Monday, February 1, 2010

This Blog

I'm trying to put into a blog what would require many hours of individual emails and conversations.  Hopefully this will both answer the many questions I keep receiving and allow me to stay productive with my family, job and Church responsibilities.


  1. Denver,

    Do you think parents should allow their children to have premarital relations in their parents home with the parents knowledge? If not how should this issue be handled so as not to offend the children or if that is not possible what is the best way to handle it so as to not cause a huge blow up where the children feel their free agency is being violated? I myself believe the parents should not allow children to have relations in their home but it is a very touchy issue causing many problems when the issue is brought up. I feel this is a problem that many parents in the church are struggling with right now. I know of three instances in my own experience where this has occurred and each time it has been the cause of much anguish and problems.

    Kelly Brad Cox

  2. Kelly,

    Perhaps that questions might be better asked over on this blog Joanna Brooks answers all kinds of questions like that.

    Truthfully, I don't feel qualified to address that subject for someone else.

    Best of luck

    Denver Snuffer


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