Sunday, May 2, 2010


I have not written any explanation for the Second Anointing or Calling and Election process.  I do not think it is important or meaningful to ever write anything about it.  What is important is to understand "how" someone would make changes in their lives to then be taught things directly from the Lord.  He has a continuing ministry.   You should be interested in having Him as your minister.

The books I have written do not ever touch upon Calling and Election, nor discuss the Second Anointing.  But they will tell you what is required to go and learn from the Lord about these things directly.  If you want answers about that, then follow the same path as the ancients did, as Joseph Smith did, and as Abraham did.  I'm only interested in helping you understand the path.

Beyond that, the details of such things are simply irrelevant to someone who is not invited to participate.  It is pure voyeurism without any purpose.  Rather like putting jewelery on pigs, which Christ recommended against.  Not that the inquiry comes from a "pig" but the answer would be subject to public scrutiny by everyone on the web.

The fact you are aware there is more to the Gospel is important.  The fact that you become entitled to receive things pertaining to a higher law by living that higher law is also important.  What you should focus on is the living, not the curiosity about things which you are not yet prepared to receive.  Prepare to receive them.  Everything else will be answered to your entire satisfaction once you are.


  1. that is helpful because there are lds writers who seem to capitalize on the dearth of info about the path and make it seem as if you need to know the details, or need to have your calling and election before receiving the second comforter, and i am just now realizing that I've been dupped by those sentiments. So are you in fact saying that the Savior will minister to you as the Second Comforter before you have your second anointing? I don't mean to get you to write what you said you wouldn't, just hopeful to find out what I can exercise my faith towards.

  2. To the extent I have ever commented to anyone about this I use the scriptures. There isn't any need to claim personal experience as a basis to explain. It's all there, if you will study the scriptures.
    On this particular question we have the example of Joseph Smith. He had a visitation by Christ in the First Vision when only 14 (or as old as 17 in some accounts). His calling and election came some time later as set out in Section 132. The ministry of Christ with Joseph included several personal visitations, events in Kirtland Temple, the vision in Section 76, and all of them preceded his calling and election in Section 132.
    When Joseph spoke about the Second Comforter, he tied the two together. I put Joseph's quote on page 5 of The Second Comforter: Conversing With the Lord Through the Veil. Joseph's quote tied the two together as a cause-and-effect. He was correct in the sense that Christ's continuing ministry involves the exaltation of those to whom He ministers. Bruce R. McConkie's comment in The Millennial Messiah was that "the millennium is the great day of the Second Comforter" was right on point. That is, Christ's ministry is always to bring people to the Father. Elder McConkie also declared in that book (which I quote in The Second Comforter) that it should be "known here and now, that if you will separate yourself from the world and live a Millennial life, you can have Millennial blessings here and now." (That's a paraphrase because I don't have the book in front of me right now. But it's very close.) That is true doctrine.
    Most people who spend time writing about second anointings and calling and election don't know what they're talking about. The best treatment of that subject is something which ought to come from the Lord directly. Or an angel assigned by Him to minister to the person who has prepared.
    The challenge is preparation. I'm all about that. That is what I write to explain and what I encourage all to do.

  3. Denver, thanks for this clarification. I find your post extreamly helpful, so as to not be distracted by look beyond the mark.

    Your perspective is greatly appreciated!

  4. I love your posts. Your clarity is awesome...and I especially love the way that you encourage people to find out for themselves....not to follow anyone, but seek for the spirit and progress line upon line. I love the book "The Second Comforter", and I love to read over and over your testimony of Gethsemane in "Come Let Us Adore Him". I am so grateful that the Lord allowed you to share these things. Thank you for using your gifts and talents to bless the lives of so many. I just wanted to say thank you....and I probably will again sometime.


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